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Summary of Fics in Order
Farscape\\Chiana Gorgeousness
How to Make Them Sing (Satuala and Tal finally take the next step)
Post Heat (in which Natura gives in)

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The Rainbow League
Farscape\\Chiana Gorgeousness

Farscape\\Chiana Gorgeousness
The Rainbow League is a story about a group of superheroes in the city. In their world, Supers are as common as anyone else and are like celebrities. Their comings and goings are reported on gossip sites, their lives are the focus of the attention of reporters and scientists attempt to discover what makes them super. They only know one thing: All Supers are gay. Whatever makes someone gay is inherantly linked to Super powers. Super is gay, and the world's okay with that.

Kyle, meanwhile, is the one that just doesn't fit in. Coming into his powers with a steady girlfriend and a distinct appreciation for female bodies, he's not quite sure where this leaves him. All he knows is he's different: he's a straight superhero.

The Rainbow League, however, is rated half a star by the Superhero Ratings Association. Everyone - groups and Supers alike - has a rating and this is probably the one that has the worst, but since the other groups won't take Kyle, he ends up a member of the crappiest Superhero league known to man. There, he meets Abigail, Marcella, Isaac and Shawn, who help him get to know his powers, and Brandon, who quickly becomes a friend and a confident.

Kyle's story starts here, or you can look at the summary of fics to start from another point.

Farscape\\Chiana Gorgeousness
Kyle Jordan Kramer -
16. Blonde. Brown eyes. 5'9½". Footballer. Girlfriend. Part time job in Wal-Mart. Mostly Bs, some Cs at school. Virgin.
Powers: Body Duplication.
Super Name: ??? 

Abigail Laura Renn -
32. Black hair. Blue eyes. 5'8". Dating Marcella.
Powers: Danger sense, Energy blasts.
Super Name: Pulse.

Marcella Rich -
37. Blonde. Brown eyes. 5'5". Dating Abigail.
Powers: Elasticity, growth, glows in the dark.
Super Name: Elasticità

Others coming soon --

Summary of Fics in Order
Farscape\\Chiana Gorgeousness

Kyle's Story [Main]
01. One... Two... Three...?

Abigail/Marcella [Sub]
01. Breathe, Baby.

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